Look for plants that are full of buds, or barely beginning to open up. The how to for caring for mums outdoors is straightforward. I've tried raising mum cuttings indoors under fluorescent lights but they haven't done well. Asked October 29, 2014, 4:31 PM EDT. The Spruce / Letícia Almeida Hardy Chrysanthemum Care . August 2019. Make sure to plant it before the ground freezes and mulch it well. They make a colorful centerpiece for a special occasion and are perfect for keeping the summer feeling going indoors, when the weather outside says, “winter is on the way”. Carefully divide the plant when new shoots reach about four inches tall. If you don't know which kind you have plant it anyways and see what happens. Although most mums usually bloom in the fall, they have been trained to flower throughout the entire year. Deadheading, or removing dying flowers, is one of those tedious garden chores that needs to be done regularly. When buying, look for hardy mums. Hardy mums are mums that can handle overwintering. Even though mums are late summer, early fall blooming plants, it’s best to plant them in the springtime. Today we're going to show you how to care for mums either indoors or outdoors! ). Keep it cool. Keep it moist and outdoors in a bright spot. Chrysanthemums, or mums for short, add a splash of color to any indoor or outdoor medium and are great plants to have in general. Some are produced only for fall showing then die. When growing mums indoors, as opposed to outdoors, direct sunlight can harm them. Keep mums outdoors until the foliage and flowers die back after the first frost. Much like indoor mums, planting outdoors or in the garden requires abundant sunlight. I have some big beautiful mums and want to know what I can do with them over the winter, should I plant them or can I keep them in the pots for next fall, they were spectacular on my front porch. Caring for outdoor mums. The best way to protect is to bring plants indoors before the first hard freeze. One final note on purchasing mums. How To Keep Your Mums Thriving All Season Shopping for Mums. Mums will only bloom once inside but keeping it green until you transplant it outdoors will allow you to enjoy it next season. However, even the strongest plants wilt and begin to die without proper care. Choose soil that is coarse and provides good drainage. Not be confused with moms (as in mothers), mums are some of the world's most popular potted plants. These mums will bloom longer, flowering for up to 45 days or more. Some are referred to as "garden mums" which can be planted and will come back next year. 3 Simple Secrets To Keep Mums Blooming Longer Buy Smart At The Start. I would not however, try to keep it indoors during winter. How to Care for Potted Mums Indoors By Rich Quayshaun When you purchase a potted mum (Chrysanthemum), you want to enjoy the plant for as long as you can. Basements and garages work best for this task. Keep Mums Cool: Warm temperatures also encourage blooming, while cool temperatures will help mums blooms last longer. How to Take Care of Your Mums (Indoors and Out) Chrysanthemums (AKA “mums”) are one of the most popular perennial flowers in the fall. The plants benefit greatly from it and look much better when finished. These fall-blooming perennials can help brighten up your porch pots as weather turns cooler. Mums will only bloom once inside but keeping it green until you transplant it outdoors will allow you to enjoy it next season. Alternatively, you can keep them in an enclosed area, such as your garage or basement. Move the plant indoors to a dark area that is between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Potted mums can drink considerable amounts of water-especially when kept indoors. Generally, you are not locked into keeping a mum indoors. You can repot the plant into a … Fall-blooming Mums are great perennials that will brighten up your porch as the weather gets cooler. Keep mums outdoors until the foliage and flowers die back after the first frost. Keep the soil around your plants slightly moist during winter dormancy as well, and make sure the ground area has good drainage since mums are susceptible to damage in soggy soil. Keep the soil pH between 5.7 and 6.2. Sep 8, 2019 - Explore Jill McCoy's board "Potted mums" on Pinterest. However, because potted plants are more susceptible to cold damage, bring your mums indoors for winter safekeeping. Keep the soil slightly moist (never wet), and make sure the pot is … Florist mums are usually grown as annuals that will be discarded after the bloom period. A far better bargain than just a week or two! Leave the foliage in place. See more ideas about front yard, fall mums, potted mums. Keep reading to learn more about how to winterize mums. Water mums so the soil is slightly moist during winter dormancy. If you keep up with deadheading, chances are the mums will last longer and may repeat bloom. Remove the bottom leaves if they touch the soil. Just be sure to pick carefully when buying mums at your local grocery. The steps for wintering mums start when you plant them. A Few More Tips For Keeping Potted Mums Looking Great. Keep mums indoors until one week before the last expected spring frost.

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